Bellas y ambiciosas / Красивые и амбициозные (Серии: 1-30) (Luis Barrios & Circe Lora, Iguana Producciones) [2006 г., Spain | Peru, Erotic, Romance, TVRip 528р] Rus

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Bellas y ambiciosas / Красивые и амбициозные
Год производства: 2006 г.
Страна: Испания | Перу / Spain | Peru
Жанр: Erotic, Romance
Продолжительность: ~30 - 45 минут
Язык: Русский (перевод)-Режиссер: Luis Barrios & Circe Lora
Студия: Iguana Producciones-В ролях: Nelly del Rio, Raul Olivo, Karen Dejo, Pedro José Pallares, Baldomero Cáceres, Silvia Caballero-Описание: Алчность и коварство – вот основные мотивы истории, где страсть, деньги и власть переплелись в причудливом узоре. Хорхе и Андреа – молодые и свободные любовники, всегда готовые весело провести время. Они размышляют о легком способе разбогатеть, когда встречают юную и наивную Сесилию, которая готовится в скором времени получить огромное наследство. Джордж решает соблазнить девушку, чтобы заполучить ее деньги, но все оказывается не так просто…-A seductive mix of intrigue and sensuality, this unique telenovela tells a compelling story with decidedly erotic undertones. Greed and ambition are at the core of this contemporary tale where sex, money and power are the driving forces behind its main characters.
Jorge and Andrea are frivolous young lovers always looking for a good time - and an easy ride. Searching for a way to get rich without much effort, they think they’ve hit the jackpot when they meet Cecilia, a beautiful and naïve young woman about to come into a huge inheritance. The plan is for Jorge to seduce her, marry her, and steal her fortune.
However, it’s not as easy as it seems, as they discover that the executor of Cecilia’s trust fund is none other than Jorge’s mother, Diana, an unscrupulously ambitious woman who has her own ideas about where the money should end up: in her hands. An astute businesswoman who owns a lucrative call girl service catering to high-level executives, Diana’s greed is boundless.
Meanwhile, Paola is a gorgeous young woman involved with the owner of the private college where she studies, the same institute that Andrea and Cecilia attend. Mario is very much in love with Paola, but she has bigger things in mind. When her family’s finances falter, she refuses to give up her rich lifestyle, so she starts working as a call girl for Diana - while the innocent Mario wonders where she mysteriously disappears to at night... and Paola’s sister, a police detective named Erica, is out to dismantle the illegal prostitution operation...
These characters, and many more, converge to create a truly fascinating and erotic series.-IMDb:Качество видео: TVRip
Формат видео: MKV
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 704x528 25fps ~1000 Kbps
Аудио: AAC 48000Hz 128 Kbps

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